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Tochukwu Macfoy, often hailed as Dr. Foy, stands tall in the global entertainment panorama, renowned for amplifying African content with unprecedented flair. As the mastermind behind Same Energy Global, his transformative touch has revolutionized Christian entertainment, mastering the fine arts of artist management, content elevation, and strategic distribution. The ripple effects of his leadership can be felt far and wide, with Energize Music, under his aegis, producing chart-topping gospel sensations that reverberate both nationally and globally.

Prior to illuminating the world of entertainment, Tochukwu exhibited his ingenious prowess as Content Director and Team Lead at renowned establishments, orchestrating path-breaking content narratives and building strategic partnerships that left an indelible mark on the industry. His creative dexterity is accentuated by his strategic expertise, previously demonstrated by harmonizing digital and traditional media narratives in unprecedented ways.

Dr. Foy's journey began in the realms of broadcasting, where he not only crafted compelling content but also captured audiences with his charismatic hosting of popular TV shows.
A true polymath, Tochukwu is also a trained medical doctor, adding a unique feather to his cap. His innovative approach has been a beacon in the mental health sector, bringing about tangible positive change. Offering consultancy, Tochukwu's unparalleled insights and extensive experience make him the go-to strategist for organizations aiming for iconic content narratives.

Off the professional stage, Tochukwu's life is enriched by the love of his wife, Charity, and the joy of their two radiant daughters.